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Agricultural genomics programs of high value,downstream marker validation and large-scale agricultural applications.

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MassARRAY System. Applying agricultural genomics discoveries to commercial programs of high value.

Genome-wide association and next-generation sequencing studies have identified a vast number of genetic markers linked to high yields, disease resistance, feed efficiency, and nutrition. Agena Bioscience’s MassARRAY® System is a powerful tool for downstream marker validation and large-scale agricultural research You now have the capability of easily exploiting genomic information for enhancing your animal and plant crossing and breeding programs.

The MassARRAY System offers these unmatched benefits:

  • High call rate irrespective of organism: Up to 99% call rate achievable on agricultural species.
  • Highly flexible system that assays all SNPs important to you-no need to limit your assays to a fixed SNP number.
  • Low cost per SNP.
  • Ability to quickly and easily modify an hpw existing panel.
  • Exceptionally short reagent order lead time. Assay designs can be completed in a few hours; off-the-shelf reagents can be purchased for overnight delivery; unlabeled oligos can be obtained from your favorite supplier in a few days.
  • High sample throughput: 8 hours from DNA to results with only 70 minutes of hands-on-time. One technician can generate 4,000-230,000 genotypes on one MassARRAY System each day.
  • Applications beyond genotyping: the MassARRAY System supports copy number variation, quantitative gene expression, and methylation analysis.

Typical applications of the MassARRAY System include:

  • Parentage verification for livestock breeding.
  • Crop strain validation and marker-assisted selection.
  • Candidate genetic marker evaluation.
  • Quantitative trait locus  detection for:
    • Milk yield prediction and improvement.
    • Feed efficiency improvement.
    • Meat quality diagnostics.
  • Companion animal breeding origin studies.
  • Phenotype selection (coat color, horned/polled).


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