Products & Services

Drug Discovery

Instruments, software and methods for the analysis of molecular interactions.

DNA Synthesis

Since 1999, BioAutomation has served the biotechnology industry with automation solutions to assist in research and development.

Oncology Panels

Primary care clinicians work on the front line where advances in genetic research can be directly applied to patient care.

Cardiology panels

FDA warns that poor metabolizers of (PLAVIX TM) are at increased risk for adverse cardiovascular events!

Drug Discovery – ADME Panels

Inclusion of 99% of the most relevant genetic markers of ADME/T (absorption, distribution, metabolism, excretion, and toxicity)

AgriGenomics-Plants through Animals

Agricultural genomics programs of high value,downstream marker validation and large-scale agricultural applications.

Inherited Genetic Disorders

Diagnostic gene testing is used to confirm a specific diagnosis in symptomatic patients.


Caloric intake; weight loss, physical activity, and weight management; day-to-day carbohydrate consistency; nutritional content; and meal timing.

Custom Services

Fast, Flexible, Professional and cost effective turn around from Hundreds to thousands of Markers on Hundreds to Thousands of Markers


Unmatched depth of analysis - 167 polymorphisms in 101 antigens covering 16 blood group systems, and 23 platelet and neutrophil antigens.